A little bit more about me

Hello! I thought that for my first post I should introduce a little bit more about myself. I am currently serving my National Service (from the time of this post) and just started out in the world of investing. I’ve gotten interested in investing when I was 16 and my first foray into the stock market was through Investopedia simulator haha. From there, I continued my research and only started investing with real money in March 2016.

I guess like all young investors, most of us started out with very little capital. In fact, my first trade was only about $300 odd dollars worth and I lost almost 70 percent of my money because I did not cut loss. It was traumatising to lose 70 percent of your money on your first venture into investing. Haha but I picked myself up and analyse my mistakes before making another attempt into another stock.

Yup, it was a very nervy start for me which is why I invite you to join me in my journey together as I share my experiences in the investing world. Also, I welcome seasoned investors who may chanced upon my humble blog to give us advice by commenting on my blog posts.

Ultimately, the reason for setting up this blog is to help young people who may be curious about the investing world to better equip themselves for what’s ahead. So buckle up because we are starting From Ground Zero! (Pun intended :P)

To help you navigate around:

[My Story]: This is where I write about my own experiences and things that happen to me in investing.

[Building Blocks]: This is where I share about some techniques and guides to investing.

[Eye Candy]: This is where I write the investment thesis of the companies that are in my watchlist.

[Portfolio]: This is where I write about the actions I took and updates on FGZ’s portfolio.



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